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The research process begins with a clear statement of your research objective. If you are unsure of your objective, I can assist you in developing it You will need to supply me with copies (not your originals) of any data you have for the current objective. List the research you have completed, even if you found no data. This way time (and money) will not be wasted duplicating your work.

After reviewing the above data, I will develop a research plan which will outline the research steps to be taken, the anticipated results, and the estimated time to complete the research, analysis, and report. There is no charge for this step.

When I finish the research, I will send you a report which will contain the research results, complete citations of all sources consulted, an analysis of all the evidence, conclusions, future research suggestions, and copies of all applicable documents.

Most research projects include only one research report. Larger projects may require intermediate reports. The preparation of the report generally involves 25-50% of the time commissioned by the client.

Keep in mind that the information you are seeking may not exist. A record may never have been created or the record may no longer exist (lost; destroyed by fire, flood, etc.). Therefore, no guarantee can be made that research will find the information you are pursuing. The existence of a particular record will not be known until a search is conducted.


Fees and Retainer

An hourly research rate is charged, plus out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses include copying fees, document fees, repository fees, parking, tolls, postage, etc. The travel time rate is about 30% lower than the research rate (no gasoline or mileage fee). Please inquire for the current rates.

A retainer is required before research begins. For projects that are 5 hours or less, a deposit of $125.00 is required. For projects that are 5-10 hours, a deposit of $250.00 is required.



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